Hi, I’m Patrick 👋

I'd love to tell a great story about how I was 5 years old and already tinkering with computers. The reality is that I had no clue about programming until after high school. As soon as I got into university and my first job, I became really passionate about it and pursued it further.

The thing that facinates me about software is how you can create value for youself and others, practically out of thin air. It's a bit like magic, given a laptop and an internet connection, anyone can learn about software development and start their own business.

Nowadays, schools are starting to incorporate basic computer science into their curriculum. I'm excited to see what kind of opportunities this will open up in the future and what the next company in the FAANG club will be.

Today, I’m the co-founder of Productlane, where we build software to help companies do product discovery.